Jul 25, 2011

Hayom means today

What happened today and what I learned from it:

1) Yesterday night we couldn't sleep and watched "cold mountain" (Renee I love you!), SO this morning we SLEPT and "snoozed" a few times - and were late! This was bad, because: Ohad was picking us up for our date with Misrad Hapnim and they're only open until 12.00
I freaked a bit, made coffee to-go and didn't eat. MISTAKE OF THE DAY!

I learned, that Real Time (the time most of us consider real; the one the clock shows) is NOT synchronized with Yemen Time:
- Ohad was supposed to pick us up at 8.30, came at 9.15 (which means I could've eaten peacefully)
- The half hour drive (I'm including traffic, gas station, parking and confusion) took ONEANDahalf!
- Maor should be at work at 15.00 today, left home 15.17  - and was there on time.

I've learned that freaking out, even a little bit, about TIME is ridiculous AND makes you look and appear worse, when you finally reach your target, than if you'd just chilled and arrived 20 minutes later. Brighter face, less sweat and more power to overcome the rest....:

2) In order to get a visa in Israel (if you live where we do) you need to make an appointment at the office in Netanya (not Kfar Saba!) and not only provide a document that states that you are not married, that you are not criminal and that you are born somewhere, but also a medical approval from an ISRAELI DOCTOR! That's gonna cost, smart thinking Israel. There's a lot more on that list, but we're cool. Now we are, but we did almost get kicked out of there. Why?
- We sat in a line for two hours, only to learn that we have an appointment in the end of september.
- I kinda knew you had to make an appointment MONTHS ahead, but Maor said it wasn't like that.
- Maor yelled at the lady at the desk, I yelled at Maor, the securityguy yelled at all of us.

heat+toolittlesleep+stressfullmorning+nobreakfast= ! ...there are many lessons to learn there! but:

Jul 24, 2011

Fold your hands

The insanity continues, this time in Norway. Almost 100 people dead.


I just read that the gunman released a 1500 pagelong manifest AND a 12 minutelong video prior to the worst tragedy the North has ever seen. Is there a CIA of the north? I'm just ...without words.

It seems more and more plausible that we are living in the last days. It's scares me.

All my prayers and thoughts goes to the families and friends of the victims of this insanity. My heart beats faster and my pulse rises. This is pure evil.

Jul 23, 2011

Shabbat Shalom

In Israel, most places, saturday or shabbat means time to relax! Therefore most stores are closed, and most people are off. So are we, and we're doing our best to enjoy our time. Maor is working from 16.00-00.00, so I LOVE SHABBAT!
The muslims don't celebrate shabbat, so they are often open in saturday anyways, and there is one market that is really nice to visit on a shabbat. THIS ONE:
 It's like a shadow-game - if you step out of the dark spots you're FRIED!

I know the pictures are bad, and it breaks my heart too, but SOON I will get my card-reader back and my SLR can get back in action. CAN'T WAIT!
Shalom and Maor says I'm a tourist when I take pictures of anything (like being a tourist is bad?), so I make it my own game to be discrete about it and sort of click over my shoulder and pretend I'm doing something else, but ACTUALLY I'm taking pics of everything! Also, because camera's aren't really allowed. I'm a sneaky fox. Btw, did you see how crazy that pibe is? I said "Yo!" Hah!

Shabbat Shalom everyone :)

Jul 22, 2011

You gotta love the east!

Food-post. Finally!

Dad, this is for you. I love to take pictures of food and show it to you, I love to tell in details how it was done because I KNOW you're gonna love it! Turns out - so does a lot of people, so HERE:
Easiest, quickiest and crispiest thing ever: Drizzing hot oil in pan, filo-doe on oil in pan *bang* egg on filo *salt, pepper, whatever* the half-side-flip-over *crisp* ENJOY! Filo-doe can be purchased at your local (well-assorted) supermarket.

 Mafrum, yum yum yum! You'll need:
- potatoes and carrots (or just potatoes)
- beef, as much as you can eat ans possibly stuff inside your veggies.
- dill, if you please..
- spices! Be creative, but the secret to mafrum is CARAWAY, grounded.
- eggs
- canola oil
- tomatoes
- rice, bread and hummus on the side

This will be fun! With your beef, make a sort of doe, a sticky mass of beef. We used shredded bread to make it stick. No eggs, too much cholesterol. Spice it up real good, remember the caraway and the dill. Oh, and caraway is: the seeds that some people put in cheese and think it's fly. They're wrong.

Jul 21, 2011

Great stuff

Do you realize that last friday was our THIRD 15th of July together! We have known eachother for three years now, and since we don't really know WHEN or HOW we became a couple, this day - JUNE 15th - will be our official anniversary-date. Wouldn't it be awesome to get married that day too? I think! *crossed fingers, knock on wood, all that"

Maor was working until four that day so I spend my noon-hours with honey in the most pretty part of our village. Today I took Maor there as well and he took some pics of my pretty walk that I might post later. It smells so good there and it's just something you CAN'T find in the city.
That's why people live in villages, isn't it? The nature, the smells, the unspoiled wind. 

Okay I was also flying on a cloud that day blushing with sweet memories, that might have sweetened the experience a bit *sweatdripples*

When he came home we went to his parents to eat (friday-traditions don't break easily), and THEN we packed the car for a picnic. Maor wanted to take me somewhere special, so we unpacked our picnic under a starry starry sky "between heaven and earth", no, wasn't being poetic, that's the name of a huge field with a few huge trees.

We sat underneath a pretty wood and looked at the moon, sipped wine and eat fruit and chocolate. Perfect! When we came home we watched a movie, cause we luv that, but honestly I mostly looked at him. His face is very addictive.

By the way, I know that three years is FOUR 15th of july's, but the year after we met, we were very different places. Together was the key in my opening. TOGETHER! HOORAY!

Information to the population

Haha, Maor does that kind of word-plays all the time. Fun!

Could you read Henna's comment to my last post? It got kind of spicy and I was glad SHE responded, because her hubby is Israeli too, and therefore we listen to a lot of the same tiktalk about the situation here. She reminded me not to generalize and also, to be objective. This is something we must admit is HARD to be when you are with an Israeli IN ISRAEL. I must say, I don't really think being objective is a must-do, and in the same breath I will also say that my last post might have been a BIT square.

We can't blame everything on immigration. Or Islam. Or the President of the United States. Or Lars L√łkke. Or eachother. You get the picture.

1) It's okay NOT to be objective.
2) It's childish to throw blame around, use that energy to forgive.
3) Be aware that Islam is not a violent or unfriendly religion per se.
4) Also, be aware that there IS a reason laws are changing in Denmark and other places too.

Jul 15, 2011

What a week! (or two?)

Dear blog.

It's not that I don't love you, but I have decided not to be completely addicted to you like oh so many bloggers are. It is a good decision, for me and especially for Maor who sometimes have a hard time loving you and the way you expose our life.
I think of you as a diary, and also a kind of newsletter to family, friends and people who need to realize that there ARE people who had to leave Denmark because of terrorism and Arab-immigration-gone-bad.

There. I said it. I blame this whole thing on terrorism and hostile immigrants from foreign (and we must admit mostly Arab) countries. Maor says that Denmark is the smartest country in Europe, he thinks we are ahead of time and that other EU countries will envy us for the closed borders and impossible visa-situation when THEY are being attacked from within.

I don't know if it's the HEAT or the fact that he is not alone in his opinion HERE in the country that IS the biggest target for terrorism in the world. It just seems like Israel, if any, would know what is is like to deal with this kind of unfriendly force.